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Free Feelings Candy Land!

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Download a FREE copy of feelings candy land to help children process emotions and learn to communicate assertively.

I love to play Feelings Candy Land with my clients!  We all have a good time and it provides a great platform for processing feelings, teaching kids how to use words to express emotions, and identifying problem areas that need to be addressed in future sessions.

I use Feelings Candy Land for several different reasons:

  1. To help children identify feelings words and how to attach them to experiences.

  2. To help children process feelings in a non-threatening format.

  3. To establish rapport.  I think that it helps children normalize feelings when they realize that their therapist has feelings, too.


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Here is a tutorial I created to explain how I use this tool in session:

I created this simple PDF download as a simple guide to demonstrate how to use Candy Land in therapy sessions.  Here's the link to the free download:


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