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Free Pandemic Telehealth Game

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

A free telehealth and PDF download counseling game to cope with the pandemic.

At this point, I think we are all sick and tired of Covid-19. Kids who have been separated from their support systems and regular structure are suffering as well. I created this game to help kids process emotions related to changes, lack of support, and missing activities and celebrations that have always been so important.

Pandemic is available to play online via your favorite telehealth platform.

Kids will learn healthy habits.

The "Healthy Habits" cards will address habits that will help slow the spread of the virus such as hand washing. These are basic skills for kids to know. The questions are framed to allow discussion about feelings about these rules, or to open dialogue if desired.

Children will process the impact of social distancing.

The "Social Distancing" cards focus on processing how social isolation has impacted the child as well as brainstorming ways to stay connected despite distance. The sudden onset of the virus pressured everyone to think outside of the box of our everyday routines. some kids have been extremely creative in ways to connect with others. Unfortunately, more unsupervised time with electronics can also have negative results as well.

Kids can process the pros and cons of virtual communication including internet safety.

The "Virtual Reality" cards address school online and the increase of online presence for kids. Many kids are spending more time on devices than in the past. These cards will help start a conversation about the pros and cons of these changes.

Children will identify highs and lows related ot the impact of covid on their lives.

The "Highs and Lows" cards really focus on grieving the loss of normalcy. Many kids have had to miss out on sports and extracurricular activities, birthday parties, family gatherings, and many other events that used to bring pleasure. I am seeing higher levels of anxiety and hopelessness due to these losses. Hopefully we can help these kiddos accept the losses but also foster hope for the future.

A video tutorial is available to show how to play games via google slides for telehealth.

The file is a google slides document that can be played via your favorite telehealth platform as long as you can share your screen. Instructions are included as well as a video tutorial for how to use google slides to play therapy games.

It will have you save a copy of the game to your Google Drive. You can use that document again in the future, or download a new copy each time. Each time it will save a copy to your drive.

I am also attaching the PowerPoint version.

Pandemic Online Game
Download PPTX • 6.90MB

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