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Level Up: A Game About Winning at Life

Level Up is a video game themed game about winning at life.

Level Up is a video game themed game to help kids learn how to overcome life's challenges and to win at life. The metaphor helps kids visualize leveling up in life when they achieve goals like they would advance levels in a game. Each accomplishment gets them closer to fulfiling their dreams in life.

Help kids develop a strategy to win at life.

Dino Stories is a story telling game to help kids process emotions and trauma.

There are 8 categories of cards:

  • Focusing on the good (CBT) - Cognitive behavioral therapy skills are introduced to help kids overcome negative patterns of thinking that leads to negative emotions and destructive patterns of behavior.

  • Big mistakes - We all make mistakes. The goal is to learn from mistakes and to make plans for next time to make better chocies.

  • Tools for success - Just like players collect weapons and tools to win video games, we learn new skills and gain wisdom with time to help us win at life.

  • Being strategic - It's important to know what to spend your time and energy on and what to avoid. Timing is crucial. Kids will be challenged to think of ways to be more strategic about their lives.

  • Defining the goal - What are the child's goals for life? These goals will help determine a roadmap to get to the intended destination.

  • Control - There are things we can control and things we can't. Kids can learn to exert their control in healthy ways and avoid unnecessary power struggles.

  • Steering your life - Every step you take moves you towards a destination. Kids will learn the importance of being intnetional about their actions, what they allow in their lives, and who they allow in their lives.

  • Staying on track - It is easy to get off course. The important thing is to not give up and find your way back. It might look like repeating a level but learning mistakes from last time to get further the second time around.

While not specific to any particular disorder, the skills in the game are used to treat anger, anxiety, depression, impulse control, and many other presenting problems. The cognitive behavioral therapy skills work for them all. This game would be great for kids with behavior problems and defiance, as it will help them develop a sense of control and internal locus of control. It can be used in individual, group, or family counseling sessions.

This is a fun-filled game for your video game loving kids. Sometimes having the right metphor is all you need to connect to their hearts. There are so may ways this game can help kids overcome "stuck points," negative thinking patterns, and poor behavior. It will also offer tangible ways they can make changes for the better. Best of all, they get to feel in control by identifying the goals, setting the plans, and developing their new stratgy to level up and win at life.


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