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Dino Stories - A Story Telling Game

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Dino Stories - a story telling game

Your little dinosaur-loving kiddos will love this interactive, playful game. They will get to act like a dinosaur, give their best roar, and role-play how dinosaurs would interact. Kids will tell stories about scary situations and family interactions. It is exciting and creative, allowing children to process difficult situations and emotions while feeling safe and in control of their situation.

boys will love this dinosaur game

Storytelling can be a powerful tool to help children process trauma. Kids simply tell stories that come to mind, but trauma narratives surface, allowing them to process emotions, thoughts, and beliefs in a meaningful way. The cards were designed to challenge children to consider different aspects of safety and connection to caregivers. Once triggers and narratives surface, children can then challenge irrational thoughts and put a plan in place to handle the challenges they face.


creative ways to use dinosaurs in play therapy
dino stories helps children process trauma, anger, and aggression

This game will allow children to communicate in various ways, from acting out with toys, role-playing, and verbally telling stories. This allows children in various levels of development to communicate and process emotions. The game will help bring more awareness to their emotional state and how they can communicate their needs to others.

Kids can learn to cope with strong emotions such as anger and anxiety with this game, identifying triggers, ways to cope with stressors, and acting out how dinosaurs would respond to danger. Safety themes are important when looking at anger and anxiety, as both trigger the fight, flight, or freeze response. Once kids learn how to calm their bodies and turn off this response, they are better able to manage their emotional responses to triggering situations.

The game is available as a hard copy, a digital download, and online for telehealth:


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dino stories is a story telling therapy game


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