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New Coping Skills Toolbox Game

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Coping Skills Toolbox is a coping skill game using cognitive behavioral therapy skills.

I don't know about you, but I am always in need of resources to help drill coping skills. There are so many different aspects of coping skills, from exercise, CBT skills, processing emotions, and emotional vocabulary. This game is broad in scope to cover several different areas.

Coping Skills Toolbox is a counseling game to help children learn how to implement various types of coping skills, establish healthy social skills, and manage self-talk. It incorporates cognitive behavioral counseling through play. This is a go-to game for counselors, as these skills can be beneficial to most mental health conditions.

This is an interactive game allowing children to learn cbt skills in small, easy to understand pieces.

Free Angry Birds Truth Bomb Card Game
Hammer out negative thoughts cards focus on stopping intrusive thoughts.

Topics include “Hammering Out Negative Thoughts,” “Leveling Out Your Emotions,” “Tightening Up Your Relationships,” and “Cutting to the Heart of the Issue”. The first topic will address basic cognitive behavioral skills to stop negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. The second topic focuses on emotional regulation and awareness of the emotional state. The next topic focuses on communication and boundaries within relationships. Finally, the last topic addresses underlying thoughts, beliefs, or resentments leading to negative emotions.

Help children stop negative thoughts

This game was designed to be very general to be used for a wide range of issues and in various formats. It can be used for individual, group, or family counseling.


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