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New Telehealth Option: Andy's Anger Explosions

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Andy's Anger Explosions book and game for telehealth / online version

Andy's Anger Explosions is now available for telehealth. It comes via Google Slides with the book at the beginning, then the game to drive home the concepts. Simply share your screen and you are able to use this resource for virtual sessions.

Kids will learn to identify body signals, coping skills, support figures and more

I'd love to hear feedback about how this resource works out, as it is the first book/game combo I've made available. It is all of the same content as the hard copy version but is online. If it works well, I will make the other books/games available for telehealth as well. To get it out, I have made it super cheap!

body awareness is key to controlling reactions

The story is about a boy who has huge anger explosions, resulting in isolation. He learns to pay attention to body cues, control his thoughts, and use coping skills to regain control over his body. The story also weaves in a domestic violence scene to help kids recognize both the potential outcome of failing to get control of anger and to also open the door to explore how home life may impact anger problems.

coping skills will help children manger anger reactions

The game covers a wide range of issues that are common to kids with anger explosions:

The game can be used in individual, group, or family sessions. It can open the door for the discussion of topics that may not otherwise come to the surface. Cognitive behavioral skills and interventions are woven into the game to gain mastery over thoughts. The fight, flight, or freeze response is also addressed to help children better understand their body and why it responds to triggers.

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