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Spirit of the Tribe: Belonging in Friendship Counseling Game

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Spirit of the Tribe is a game to help children find a place to belong in friendship.

Friendships can be hard. Even as adults, it can be difficult to find a group of friends who share your values, beliefs, and enjoy our favorite activities. It is even more difficult for kids who lack maturity and insight.

This game is great for kids with autism and aspergers who struggle to pick up on social cues.

Spirit of the Tribe is a social skills game to help children understand the language of friendship, social cues and norms, and how to take action to find a group of friends where they belong. This game will help children recognize positive values, focus on shared hobbies and activities, and build strong relational skills to solidify relationships. 

Children will practice communication skills to improve their ability to connect with others.

The "Tribal Talk" cards help build communication skills. They address I statements, active listening, conflict resolution skills, and encouraging others. Communication is such a vital aspect of relationships that is often overlooked.


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Kids will identify what they define as fun and find ways to connect with others with similar interests

The "Fun Times" cards help kids think of ways to engage in activities with friend, identify mutual hobbies and interests, and to remember success stories. These ideas could be used to give the courage to invite a friend over or do something together, or to identify friends who would be fun to do things with.

Children can identify friendship goals, needs and wants and a plan to achieve them.

The "Friendship Goals" cards help kids identify the type of friend they would like to have. They ask questions about character qualities, identifying what a positive friendship looks like, and how to become the type of friend they would want to have.

Kids will be challenged to confront barriers preventing them from connecting with others. They will also learn the benefit of authenticity.

The "Removing the Mask" cards go a little deeper. They address insecurities holding them back from engaging socially, social anxiety, and bullying situations. They are designed to make the client think deeply about issues that may be uncomfortable but also could be a reason they avoid social situations. These cards will prompt kids to address some passive-aggressive tendencies. Not all of these issues will apply to all kids, but it may help prompt some deep thinking.


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