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Katie's Fortress: A Story and Game About Social Anxiety

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

katie's fortress is a counseling game and book to help children overcome social anxiety by using cognitive behavioral therapy skills.

katie learns to identify irrational thoughts holding her captive and to replace them with helpful, adaptive thoughts.

Katie’s Fortress is a story about a little girl who has social anxiety. She feels safe and secure in her fortress but feels the need to wear armor when going around others. On a trip to the village, she sees kids playing and enjoying the company of others. They do not look worried at all. She was perplexed. How did they feel a feeling of peace while she felt so insecure?

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katie learns ways to overcome anxiety without needing to be guarded all the time.

She recognized a sense of loneliness and a desire to connect with others. She realized that her fortress and armor offered protection, but they also created a barrier between herself and others. She realized she would have to face her fears and leave the armor behind if she was going to enjoy relationships. She discovered that the other children found safety and strength within relationships. She found that her misbelief about finding safety in her fortress had led to emotions and behavior that were self-defeating.

the game helps children identify triggers for anxiety, supports, and goals. They also learn CBT skills to stop intrusive thoughts and to cope with anxiety.

After she faced her fears, she was able to build friendships and let go of her worries. The game helps children learn how to challenge beliefs and replace irrational thoughts with new beliefs and thoughts that are productive and helpful. The game cards address triggering thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and coping mechanisms to help kids overcome their fears. They will also be able to identify the benefits of friendship and friendship goals.

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Katie's Fortress is a game and book about overcoming social anxiety


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