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Thoughts on Trial: A Story/Game About Challenging Self-Talk

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

thoughts on trial is a story and game about self-talk

the story takes place in a court room where a jury must determine the validity of claims made

Thoughts on Trial is a book/game to help children identify self-talk and to challenge false beliefs or negative self-talk statements. This resource was made to help children understand cognitive behavioral skills so they can overcome defeating thought patterns.

The book shows a courtroom in the mind with a bully who is calling the child, Jordan, dumb. The lawyer calls in the witnesses: Jordan’s mom, his teacher, and his best friend. Each report that Jordan is smart and that there is no evidence that he is dumb. In the end, the bully is found to be lying and Jordan is free from the accusations.

kids learn how to challenge negative, intrusive thoughts and to take control of self-talk.

The biggest bully most people face is their own self-talk statements. Once kids can identify how to prove a bully wrong, they can then use those skills to challenge their self-talk. Cognitive-behavioral counseling is powerful and effective, but the concepts can be challenging for children to understand. This resource helps simplify it and makes it practical, so kids can understand and put the skills to use.

You can find the book/ game here:


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Thoughts on Trial is a book and game to help children stop intrusive thoughts and learn CBT skills.

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