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Fly High: A Game About Resilience

Fly High: A Game about Reilience

Resiliency is a phenomenal thing. Some people go through difficult times and end up broken and shattered, while others make it through to the other side with more strength and determination. What is the difference? It is a growth mindset! A positive attitude can make a world of difference. Fly High is a cognitive behavioral therapy game to help children develop a growth mindset to be resilient during the storms of life.

help kids learn to overcome challenges in life with a growth mindset

Cognitive behavioral counseling has a proven track record of being a highly effective, empirically reviewed treatment modality. The basic premise behind it is that the way you think will impact your emotions, which will impact your behavior. If you can control your thoughts, you can then control your emotions and your actions. We all experience seasons of pain in our lives. The way we respond to this pain is determined by what we choose to think about ourselves, others, and the situation.  We can choose to blame others, hide from our circumstances, or tackle the challenges head-on. Our mindset determines our actions when times get tough.

A CBT game about reslience

CBT is effective because it helps us focus on solutions, hope, and sources of strength rather than focusing on hopelessness and the emotional response to the pain. We know that emotions are temporary and will subside as we tackle the problem at hand. We know that life is full of seasons that will come and go, but we can have the strength to press through to the other side.


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Fly High not only introduces CBT skills to help children focus on positive thinking, it also helps children consider their support system. It helps to have people who will support and encourage you during difficult times. The game addresses resiliency from several different perspectives:

  • Birds Eye View – These cards help kids consider alternative perspectives to their situation.

  • Obstacles – Kids will consider various strategies to cope with the difficulties they are facing.

  • Hover – These cards help kids consider the benefit of introspection and also overcoming stuck points in life.

  • Stormy Days – The analogy of a storm is introduced to reflect on seasons of pain or trials.

  • Smooth Sailing – Reflecting back on the good times in life can bring hope, peace, and determination for the future.

  • Rays of Hope – Similarly, these cards focus on positive relationships, supports, and things that bring joy and peace.

  • Gain Altitude – These cards focus on setting goals, self-care, and making steps for self-improvement.

  • Stay Energized – Kids will consider things that energize or inspire them. They will be challenged to consider the benefits of making time for the things that matter most.

The game is easy to play with simple instructions included. It can usually be played in approximately 15 minutes. The language and metaphors are more complex in this game, making it more appropriate for older children, such as upper elementary through middle school.



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Children can learn to become reslient and have a growth mindset to overcome adversity.

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