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Under the Surface: Anger as a Secondary Emotion - Free Download

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

This free pdf download turns the fishing game into a therapy game about anger.

Some counseling concepts are tough for little kids. I have found that littles usually have a tough time understanding that there may be other feelings behind their anger outbursts. When I saw the Let's Go Fishing game at Walmart, I thought it was the perfect way to help children recognize primary emotions. I spent less than $7 on this game, and it was simple to set up.


I wrote primary feelings on the bottom of each of the fish. The kids will use the fishing poles to catch the fish. When all the fish are out, you discuss the emotions listed on the fish. The kids can talk about times they felt that particular emotion, or why it could present as anger. For children with short attention spans, you may choose to discuss only the emotions you believe are relevant, as they may lose interest quickly. Several of my kiddos started putting the fish back in the pool before I could read them!


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