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Using Life Stories Game in Therapy with Game Review

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Learn how to use Life Stories game in counseling, a full game review with video.

Life Stories is a simple game to use for counseling. It includes questions about family values, memories, and life goals. It opens up a dialogue about many issues that may otherwise never get discussed. I have used it in individual and group sessions, and the kids have always enjoyed the game. If there is a question that is difficult to answer or one that does not apply to the player, a stack of "alternative" cards is available to choose from. These are usually humorous cards for kids to act out something.


The gameboard has four paths with different colors, but all are laid out with the same symbols and directives. Each player will choose one color path to follow for the entire game. Whoever makes it to the middle of the gameboard first wins the round.

What I Love About the Game:

  • It has TONS of cards, making it enjoyable to play again and again.

  • It asks thought-provoking questions that can lead to interesting discussions.

  • It is easy, allowing younger kids to play, but also written in a way that teens and adults would enjoy as well.

  • Allows simple choices: the four paths all lead to the same place, but it gives kids a sense of control to make little decisions. Kids can also choose when they want an "alternative" card.

What I Don't Love About the Game:

  • It's not very flashy. Kids may be put off by the simple appearance.

  • Some of the questions talk about dating or kissing. You might want to read silently before saying it out loud for younger kids. There is nothing overly inappropriate, but some of the questions likely won't apply to littles.

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