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You're A Hoot! New Game to Address Disrespectful Humor

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

You're a Hoot is a counseling game to help children be respectful with their humor

I have some kids that are absolutely hilarious, but are often quite inappropriate in their jokes. I have found that most elementary-aged children struggle with the boundary between being funny and disrespectful. Another common mistake I see is children being hurtful to others. They are just trying to have fun, but they sacrifice the feelings of others to be funny. These kids often just need some direction and to think through the consequences of their actions.

You’re a Hoot is a counseling game designed to help children learn how to use humor appropriately. Children often struggle to find the line between funny and disrespectful.  The cards are designed to help children process the consequences of various choices.  Some cards are situation cards to help them think through specific situations, while others allow the child to discuss their beliefs and ideas about how to use humor.  


There are four card categories: Respecting Adults, Keeping it Clean, Friendly Fun, and Laughing Out Loud.  The respecting adults cards focus on identifying when it is appropriate to have fun and use humor with adults and when it becomes inappropriate or disrespectful. Keeping it Clean helps children identify ways to be funny without sexual content or foul language. The Friendly Fun helps children process how humor can be hurtful to others by teasing or embarrassing others. Children will learn social boundaries they should not cross while having fun. Finally, the Laughing Out Loud cards allow children to practice their favorite jokes and to use humor in session.    This game could be played in individual, group, or family sessions.  At least 2 players are needed.  The game will go quickly.  You can go around the board as many times as needed to fill the time you have allotted.     This game is printed on 65lb cardstock in full color.  It contains a cover page with instructions, a game board, and 4 sheets of game cards with 12 cards per sheet.  Lamination is recommended.


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