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Blunders Game Review and How to Use it in Therapy

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Blunders Game Review + how to use the game in therapy

Blunders is a hilarious game with a great storyline. The kids in the game have to learn their manners before they are allowed to go to their neighbor's annual pool party. The game is about teaching them how to behave.

What I love about the game:

  • The scenarios are pretty funny. Kids often crack up at the cards. They keep the kids interested and engaged.

  • It covers many topics such as table manners, introductions, how to be a good friend, controlling bodily functions, and many more.

  • Kids learn to set the table and appropriate manners for social situations. (Don't worry, there's a guide in the game for how to set the table properly! There are a lot of pieces.)

  • It covers sibling rivalry and conflict.

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What I don't love about the game:

  • It is a little outdated. It has information about taking messages when someone calls for mom or dad.

  • Some of the table manners are a little unusual. I'm not quite sure about some of them.

  • The spaces are really wide on the board. It makes the game go by quickly.

Kids love this game and learn a lot about manners and behavior when playing it. Manners are typically a really boring topic. This game makes it fun.

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