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Grumpy Bear: A Mood Boosting Game

Grumpy Bear is a game to help children overcome a negative mindset and grumpy mood to gain control over their emotions and behaviors. This game helps children identify triggers, learn new skills, and control self-talk in order to shake off grumpiness. Kids will learn how to set boundaries, communicate needs, and recognize when space is needed. The game covers many topics associated with grumpiness and help children recognize the associations to overcome stuck points.

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Grumpy Bear is a game to help children choose a positive attitude and improve social interactions.

Game Card Topics Include

  • Porcupine - The porcupine represents giving bristled responses to others or having akward social behavior.

  • Walk away - Putting distance between yourself and others is a great way to avoid aggressive behavior. Kids will brainstorm signals to help them know when to walk away.

  • Sleepy head - Proper sleep usually helps with better attitudes. These cards explore ways to get better sleep to avoid grumpiness due to being tired.

  • Bashful fox - Kids can discuss times they feel shy and want to space. Triggers for anxiety are also explored.

  • Be friendly - Kids will identify specific ways they can be friendly such as how to introduce themselves to others and pro social behaviors.

  • Turning away - Conflict resolution is the center theme in these cards. They will learn how to deescalate situations to avoid blow-ups.

  • Regroup - This group of cards help kids identify self-talk, challenge negative or irrational thoughts, and focus on positivity.

  • Calm it down - Kids will idnetify coping skills to help them feel in control of their bodies and emotions.


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Grumpy Bear is a game to help children improve their mood and use positive social skills.


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