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Introducing "The Memory Box" Game

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The Memory Box is a CBT counseling game to help children process grief and loss related to the death of a loved one.

I am excited to introduce our newest game: The Memory Box, a game to help children process grief. I have noticed that every time I discuss grief, I encourage children to create a memory box. So, why not make a game about the memory box?

This is an intervention for children grieving the loss of a family member.

This game addresses several different aspects of grief. First of all, the shock of learning of the loss. There are 12 cards that ask questions about what the child experienced when they learned of their loss. They will be asked to discuss where they were, if they had emotional support from others, what the funeral was like, and how they coped with the news.

I have heard over and over how the child wishes they had another chance to be with their loved one to right any wrongs, to say they love them one more time, or to ask questions. The "Unfinished Business" cards address these feelings. They are able to articulate some of the deeper questions, fears, guilt issues, and are able to discuss how their life has changed due to the loss.

Kids can preserve important memories after the death of a loved one.

We want to highlight the profound memories that made the relationship special. The "Sweet Memories" cards allow the children to discuss the good times. They can recall favorite places they went with their loved one, holiday traditions, memories that made them laugh, and other details that are important in remembering their loved one.

Children will learn coping skills to help them with emotions related to grief.

Finally, the "Coping with Loss" cards offer suggestions for how to process the deep feelings of grief to feel better. These cards help normalize feelings common to grief, offer encouragement, and give practical ideas that the child can implement to cope with their loss.

coping with grief

I hope you enjoy this new game! I am excited to add it to my toolbox of counseling games.


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