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Counseling Games for Families / Divorce

Updated: Jan 1

counseling games for families and divorce

This post offers many options for playing games in counseling with families or addressing divorce. When working with families, games are where it is at! I have found that in most cases, the parents come in feeling insecure and guarded. Siblings can become combative and not having a structured environment can lead to chaos. The game helps break the ice and set a playful tone in the room to help everyone feel more comfortable. So much work can be accomplished by playing a game and issues can be addressed in a calm, neutral tone rather than allowing blaming and condemnation to occur. The sky is the limit as far as which games you can play with families, but these games have specific counseling benefits to working with families or in individual and group sessions with kids who have difficulties at home. They are all under $20, most are under $10, making them affordable to use.

Be heard in your herd family counseling game

by Pathways to Peace

This is a heartwarming game that is great for families who need to reconnect. Families enjoy this game because it causes them to focus on happy memories, times of connection, and makes them say nice things about each other. Family members walk away feeling encouraged and uplifted. The language in the game avoids traditional family wording (mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.) making it useful for all family types. It is $12.50 for the hard copy, $7.50 for the PDF download, or $7.50 for the telehealth version.

hedbanz game for family counseling

Hedbanz Game

by Dr. Robert Jason Grant

In this video, Dr. Grant discusses how to use this game to help children with communication and interaction skills. It is a great way to have a family communicate cooperatively with a specific goal in mind - discovering the card on their head. Dr. Grant does a great job explaining how this simple game can engage children in a fun way to work on communication skills and enjoy the process. You can purchase this game at most stores that sell games or online.

stuck in the middle book and game for divorce

by Pathways to Peace

This is a book and game about kids feeling stuck in the middle due to their parents divorcing. It was created for high conflict situations where the child feels the weight of trying to bring peace or feeling like a pawn in the court battles. The game will help kids process how to cope with changes, ways to communicate their needs to their parents, and to normalize the experiences.


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divorce card game

by Carol Miller

This game plays like Uno with prompts to help children process emotions related to family changes. It is currently $4 on TPT.

darius' foster care adventure book and game for foster children, guardianship, and adoption

by Pathways to Peace

Children in foster care experience a LOT of changes and struggle with many heavy emotional difficulties. This book is about a boy's experience showing up at an unfamiliar home and processing the many changes along the journey. The game helps children share their own experiences and process the mixed emotions related to changes. The hard copy is $16.99 and the Google Slides version is $7.50.

great expectations cbt game for managing expectations

by Pathways to Peace

This game helps children explore ways to manage expectations fo people who are inconsistent in their lives. It also addresses complicated grief issues such as severed relationships. Once children identify how to manage their expectations based on consistent behavior, they are better able to enjoy relationships without constant disappointment. This game is $12.50 for hard copy, $7.50 for the digital download, and $7.50 for the telehealth version.

family changes game

by Becky Kirby

This game helps children process the positive aspects of making changes to help avoid the pitfalls of focusing entirely on the negative aspects. It is a simple game to help children process divorce issues. It was made for kids in 2-8 grades (ages 7-14). Find it on TPT for $4.


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quarreling squirrels game about sibling rivalry

by Pathways to Peace Counseling

Help children stop their sibling squabbles with this cute story and game. The story is about 2 squirrels that have to work past their frustrations with one another in order to gather the harvest before winter sets in. In the end, they learn each other's strengths and enjoy each other's company. The game helps children identify trigger issues in their families to find ways to resolve the problems. The hard copy is $16.99 and the Google Slides version is $7.50.

family counseling game

by Pathways to Peace

Discover the unique qualities of the family with this circus themed game. It will help to highlight how the family handles difficulties, how it communicates, and how each member contributes to the family. Kids will identify how each role adds to the way the family functions. It can be an interesting diagnostic tool for kids who struggle wtih their home life. It is $12.50 for hard copy, $7.50 for the digital download, and $7.50 for the telehealth version.

divorce dice game

by Mental Fills

This is a simple game where you roll the dice and select a question under that number rolled. It allows kids to discuss various issues related to divorce. It is $3 on TPT.

journey to my new family cbt counseling game

by Pathways to Peace

Journey to My New Family is a game for children in foster care or guardianship. It was made to help them process mixed emotions about changes and to better understand their situation. It asks questions about family rules, identifies issues, worries about parents, grieving the loss of parents and support figures, as well as huge emotions that are experienced during these changes. This game is $12.50 for the hard copy, $7.50 for the PDF download, or $7.50 for the telehealth version.

crazy train book and game for conflict resolution

by Pathways to Peace

Kids often get on a crazy cycle of a kid acting out in a rude way then the other child acts out to seek revenge. It spirals out of control and can become a nightmare. This book and game helps kids find a way to turn the cycle around so that they are doing acts of kindness and showing respect to one other, triggering more positive social behaviors. The hard copy is $16.99 and the Google Slides version is $7.50.

share you heart with those you love communication game

by Pathways to Peace

Communication is a must in healthy families. This game helps family members communicate in a meaningful way. The game addresses love languages, helping each member know the best way to send love to the other members of the family. Families will learn the importance of nurturing relationships and fostering a warm home atmosphere. It is $12.50 for the hard copy, $7.50 for the PDF download, or $7.50 for the telehealth version.

Feelings Candy Land Free download

by Pathways to Peace

Feelings Candyland is my go to game for families. It helps with communication skills, processing emotions, playing cooperatively, and much more. Read more about how to use it and the benefits of the game by following the link above. It will also take you to the page where you can download the free PDF.

In conclusion, games provide structure and psychoeducation when working with families. They help address specific issues to help with issues such as sibling rivalry, divorce, and communication.

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