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An Interactive List of Games to Use in Therapy

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

A Robust FREE list of games to use in therapy organized by presenting problem

There are SO MANY games to use in counseling! You can modify traditional games or use games created by therapists. Each game offers a unique way to connect with kids whether it is teaching a skill or processing a specific issue. The difficulty is finding the right game for the problem. Hopefully this list will help solve that problem!

Games to help children with social skills

This list was originally created to quickly identify interventions to use for each presenting problem. I figured it would also be a helpful resource for other counselors as well.

Each game has its own slide with details of how to use it in therapy and where to buy it

Each slide offers a small description of how the game is beneficial in counseling, the price, available options for purchase, and a link to where to buy the game. The games on the list come from many different sources such as mainstream game brands to individual counselors who have made games for their own clients. There is a wide variety of options and games for different ages of kids.

Paying $50+ per game is no longer necessary! This list will hook you up with creative, engaging ideas you can play on a tight budget or for free.


Counseling Games you can play for free
Different presenting problems are highlighted to filter games by need.

This list is a Google Slides document, open to editing by others. I would love for everyone to list their favorite games to use in therapy as a resource, making it a robust list of ideas for everyone to use. My desire is to keep all of the games affordable, not over $20. Please feel free to share and encourage others to add their ideas as well. To add games, you will create a new slide with the information about the game. Please position it so that it is in alphabetical order. You will then post a picture of the game under the category that it falls under. Next, link the game to the slide you created.

All of the games are affordable and easily accessible.

I would like to keep all of these resources game related. I think it would be fantastic to create another source similar to this with play therapy ideas. To respect the intellectual property of others, please link back to the original source.

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