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Self-Esteem Games for Counseling

Self-Esteem games for therapy

Self-esteem can be a touchy subject with children. That is why counseling games are so helpful! You aren't asking questions, the games are. They help to externailze the issue and make it easier for kids to process. I have found some great games to help with different aspects of self-esteem to help kids live their best lives.

Uniquely brilliant is a book and game about multiple intelligences

Uniquely Brilliant

by Pathways to Peace

This is a book and game about multiple intelligences. There are many ways that people are smart and these forms of intelligence are often overlooked since they are not in IQ tests or school curriculums. Kids will be able to recognize that it takes all different forms of intelligence to surivive as a society, with each gifting as a blessing to other people.

Road trip self-esteem game

Road Trip Self-Esteem Game

by The Responsive Counselor

This game helps kids identify posive self-talk statments, brainstorm ideas for success, and increase self-awareness. It is available for both a printable download and a Google Slides option for telehealth. It is $4 on TPT.


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Personality zoo is a story and game about personality types

Personality Zoo

by Pathways to Peace

Children often want to fit in and be like other, but each person is made to stand out. This book and game help children understand the different personality types to better understand what makes them who they are. As they learn to embrace thier individual qualities they will grow in confidence and appreciate the differences.

self-esteem games

Self-Esteem Games

by Counselor Chelsey

This resource has three games that come together: a board game, a letter game, and a dice game. They are made to help children with positive self-talk and to cope with issues leading to challenges with self-esteem. It is listed at $3 on TPT.

Tend the Garden of your Heart is a CBT game

Tend the Garden of Your Heart

by Pathways to Peace

This is a cognitive behavioral game about uprooting negative self-talk and focusing thoughts on what is good. The garden metaphor highlights the idea that just as flowers come in all different shapes sizes, and colors, so do people. When brought together, they make a beautiful boquet. Be sure to grab the free accomanying E-book. You can get the PDF download and telehealth versions for $7.50 or a hard copy for $12.50.


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Self-esteem game for middle school

Self-Esteem Game for Middle School Kids

by The Happy School Counselor

This board game challenges kids to think about the qualities and talents that make them unique. It includes a gameboard, spinners, and game pieces to play. It is $2.50 on TPT.

Wanted: Positive Self Talk CBT game for Self-Esteem

Wanted: Positive Self-Talk

by Pathways to Peace

This game has children role play how to stand up to bully characters as well as identify positive self-talk statments. It has 3 shootouts presenting a challenge they must pass to continue on in the game. Kids will earn tokens as overcome challenges and idnetify ways to use positive self-talk statemnts. In the end, they discover that negaive self-talk is the biggest bully of all, but now they are prepared to defeat it.

Knight themed self-esteem file folder game

Self-Esteem File Folder Game for Elementary Kids

by Counselor Keri

This one has a fun story line and imagery. It has children use their tools and weapons to get themselves out of the well and into the castle with assistance from the knight's helpers. It is $5 on TPT.

Treasures of the heart is a book and game about self-esteem

Treasures of the Heart

This book and game are about a girl who tries to impress others or buy friendships to feel included. She learns that it is the instrinsic, personal qualities that make her special. Everyone has hidden treasures in their heart - personality traits, character qualities, skills, and talents that are unique to them. Once Penny learns to embrace her identity, she realizes that the gifts in her heart are there to share with others. The game helps children explore their own unqiue quallities and identify the treasures in their hearts.

Rockin your body image self-esteem dice games

Rockin' Your Body Image Game

by Mental Fills

This is a dice game to help kids challenge intrusive or maladaptive thoughts related to body image. This game can help kids recognize cognitive distortions. It is $4 on TPT.

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