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Let's Go Fishing Game Review: How to Use It In Therapy

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Learn how to use the Let's Go Fishing game in counseling plus a free download.

Let's Go Fishing is an expensive, accessible game that is great for young kids. It helps with patience, regulation, and self-control. I have a free PDF download for how to teach about anger as a secondary emotion by writing feelings words on the bottom of the fish and showing that other feelings can be under the surface.

What I love about the game:

  • It's easy to set up and easy to play.

  • Kids have to use patience and self-control to catch the fish.

  • Young kids have to deal with frustration, allowing for modeling appropriate coping skills.

  • Kids learn about feelings that may be expressed as anger when anger is not the primary emotion for the situation.


What I don't love about the game:

  • The annoying noise it makes while it is on.

  • The materials are pretty cheap. Fish can break if stepped on.

Here's the link to the free download for Under the Surface:

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Helpful Resources:

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