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Riding Life's Emotional Waves: A CBT Game for Teens

Riding Life's Emotional Waves: A CBT Game for Teens

Riding Life’s Emotional Waves is a CBT game for teens who struggle with big emotions, including anger, anxiety, and depression. It helps to normalize emotional waves that come and go, helping kids to realize they will be alright on the other side. It takes away the worry that they will always feel out of control.


Card Topics

  • Self-Care and ReflectionSelf-care is vital to long-term well-being. These cards help teens identify ways to make self-care and reflection a habit and a priority. This will help them build resilience and strength.  

  • Play – Everyone needs to let loose and have fun. During difficult times people often lose interest in having fun, but play can be a vital source of healing. These cards will challenge kids to think of playful outlets and spark a desire to engage in something light and free.

  • Identity – Establishing a healthy sense of self, purpose, and identity are the hallmarks of adolescence. These cards will challenge kids to consider if they are focusing their sense of self on internal, enduring qualities or external factors outside their control.

  • Life’s Journey – Many people are goal-oriented, wanting to achieve their goals ASAP. However, life happens in all phases of goal setting and achievement and should be enjoyed along the way. These cards help kids identify goals, but also ways to focus on the here and now.

  • Home Life – These cards help kids identify support figures as well as challenges in the home.

  • Riding the Cycles – Everyone has cycles or highs and lows when it comes to emotions, but some people have more extreme experiences. Kids can share their experiences as well as recognize their cycles and tendencies by responding to these prompts.

  • SOS – Sometimes help is needed to get through difficult times. These prompts will help identify when to ask for help but also explore barriers to reaching out.

  • Boundaries – Poor boundaries can lead to big problems in relationships. These cards will help kids consider how to establish boundaries and when to step back from relationships.

If you are aiming to find a game to help teens focus on good times and strengths to overcome dark times, this game will be a beneficial addition to your counseling toolbox. This game is full of skills to help redirect attention to positive thoughts, supports, and an internal locus of control.



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