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Tend the Garden of Your Heart - A Free CBT Ebook

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Tend the Garden of Your Heart FREE Ebook

Your heart is a garden that you must tend to produce  happiness and peacefulness.

This short story is a free E-book to accompany the Tend the Garden of Your Heart game. It helps children understand the importance of managing self-talk and uprooting negative thought patterns and beliefs. It uses the analogy of a garden to envision planting healthy thoughts, nurturing those thoughts, and pulling up invading weeds.

You can uproot false beliefs and negative thoughts like pulling weeds form the garden of your heart.

The book goes on to address diversity, body image, and self-esteem by comparing people to flower gardens - as all people come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Each flower has its own beauty and strength. The beauty of flowers is that their differences make them more interesting, each with its features and fragrance. The metaphor can open the door to discussion of many different issues related to individuality, belonging, and embracing a sense of self.

Children can embrace individuality and form a positive self-esteem by viewing their individual traits as positives, like gorgeous flowers in a garden.

The game uses the same metaphor to help children learn CBT concepts and apply them to their lives. They will be challenged to identify self-talk statements, use thought-stopping and replacement techniques, and rescript unhealthy thought patterns. They will also be able to identify and discuss how to embrace their beauty and individual characteristics. You can learn more about the game here.


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Download your free copy of the tend the garden of your heart ebook.


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