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New Game to Help Children Cope with School Stressors

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

School Zone: A counseling game to cope with school stress

It is almost time to get back to school, which comes with school stressors for kids. Help kids create a plan of action and feel prepared for the upcoming school year with this helpful resource. This counseling game helps children process school triggers, find coping mechanisms, and develop a support system.

a telehealth game to play online for kids who struggle with school

Some children suffer from anxiety that may be provoked by many different aspects of school. It may be social interactions, fear of authority figures, or fear of failure, among many other triggers. Addressing intrusive thoughts begins with being able to identify them. Once the thoughts are identified, kids can work on rescripting, using affirmations, and uprooting negative self-talk that may be holding them back from engaging. This game will allow those issues to come to the surface so they can be appropriately addressed with cognitive behavioral interventions.


school zone helps with anxiety, adhd, aggression, avoidance, and many other issues

Other kids feel pressured at school due to problems with impulse control and/or issues with focus. It can be difficult for kids to sit still at their desks and focus for extended periods of time. The game will allow an opportunity to discover specific issues that are problematic to develop a plan of action to help the child cope. Perhaps they need to sit away from certain kids who are distracting, or maybe find ways to stretch and release pent-up energy while still sitting and quiet in their seats.

Kids who get in trouble at school are often extremely frustrated when they are at school. Some have issues with authority figures and others need an outlet for aggression. This game offers a chance to brainstorm solutions, how to gain control of their bodies when triggered, and ways to avoid trouble by using conflict resolution skills.

Card Topics Include:

  • Organization

  • Focus / Attention Issues

  • Social Interactions

  • Learning Barriers

  • Playground Triggers

  • Discipline

Whether you meet with kids in person or online, we've got you covered. The game is available as a digital download, a hard copy, and a telehealth version.


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