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Thought Crashers - A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Game

Updated: Jan 1

Thought Crashers cognitive behavioral counseling game

Thought Crashers is one of my original CBT games. It has the basic CBT skills to help kids challenge thoughts, replace them with good thoughts, and to stop intrusive thoughts. I love to play this game with toy cars, which the boys love! Sometimes they are more focused on zooming around the board than anything, but they continue to answer questions and learn in the process.

slow thoughts down using visualization

Sometimes you need to slow your thoughts down to gain control over them. Coping skills such as visualization, listening to music, playing a game, etc. can help you stop your thoughts. These cards are specific to stopping ruminating thoughts.

your pit crew is your support figures such as parents or teachers

Your pit crew are people you can count on to be there for you when you are struggling. Identifying support figures at school and home can help kids feel prepared and in control in both places.

take a pit stop when overwhelemd, such as playing a game or talking to a friend.

The "Pit Stop" cards help kids find calming activities to feel in control of their emotions. There are TONS of ideas for finding coping skills to calm down. Visit this link to learn more.


why play games in therapy article

get out of the rut of ruminating thoughts

You are in a mental rut if you keep thinking the same thing over and over again. These ruminating thoughts lead to feelings of frustration and hopelessness. These cards were created to help children become more aware of their self-talk and how to control it.

grounding techniques help to turn off the fight or flight response

Grounding techniques use your senses to help you feel calm. You pay attention to what you are sensing in the moment to help take your mind off of the trigger. These skills are great for stopping the fight or flight response.

thought crashers gameboard

If you are looking for an interactive game to help kids understand basic CBT skills, Thought Crashers is FUN and easy to use. If you are unfamiliar with CBT skills, visit this post for more information.


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thought crashers is a race themed cbt game


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