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Submerged: A Game About Buried Emotions

Updated: Feb 6

Submerged is a game about buried emotions

Submerged is a game to help children identify emotions that are buried under the surface. This addresses various levels of emotions, secondary emotions, and dissociation. Emotions are complex and often intermingled. This game is intended to help bring awareness and education to help children understand their feelings and how their defense mechanisms work. Awareness is the first step towards healing.

Submerged game board

This game can be used for children with anxiety, anger, depression, or who have a trauma history. Understanding and processing emotions in a meaningful way is vital to feeling better. As children identify and discuss the various emotions, they can become more aware of triggers, coping skills, and how to communicate needs to others.

Card Topics

  • Tangled in Emotions - Kids often have big emotions but struggle to identify them. These cards help them understand this predicament and ways to process emotions to unravel emotional knots.

  • Scared - These cards focus on safety and ways to cope when anxiety hits.

  • Happy Days - Focusing on happy times can bring joy and focus to get through difficult times.

  • Flipping Out - These cards are all about exciting times of high energy. They also include escalation due to a trigger.

  • Crabby - Everyone gets grumpy now and then. Kids will identify ways to cope with grumpy days and ways to improve their mood.

  • Slow and Sluggish - These cards will prompt kids to find ways to pull through sluggishness on days they are feeling down or tired.

  • On Edge - Kids will be able to identify triggers and past experiences those triggers are tied to.

  • Feeling Dark - These cards will help kids process periods of sadness and loss. They will learn that the dark seasons do not last forever.

Each topic highlights a different aspect of repressing emotions and allows kids to process emotions in a non-threatening, playful way.

Hot Headed: A Game to Calm Anger

The game incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy skills to help children overcome stuck points and negative self-talk. Kids will be challenged to process triggering events and emotions to better understand why they have strong feelings and to develop a plan of action to work through triggers. Click the links below to get your copy of Submerged: A Game about Buried Emotions.


Helpful Resources:

Submerged: A Game about Buried Emotions


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